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Leader Coach Program

Needs Assessment

Working Together

Overall Purpose: The Leader Coach course is designed to be an immersive and collaborative learning experience. It will provide leaders with coaching techniques that they can use to lead individuals and teams in the workplace. 

The Leader Coach (LC) organization conducted a needs assessment for MCG (Mesaa Consulting Group), a global business consulting organization. 

Informative Interview

What's the need?

Many leaders know of coaching and may have experienced being coached in their career, but oftentimes, do not have formal training in coaching techniques that they can use in their workplace (International Coaching Federation, 2016).

Context of the Problem

When new employees started working with clients, employees ask for guidance and support from other consultants and their partners. After interviewing employees during the first few weeks of joining the company, it is clear that some coaching is occurring with the client, but it is done haphazardly and does not produce desired results.

Image by Robert Ruggiero

Innovation Model


Since leaders may not have knowledge of coaching and there is no current instruction in place, the leader coach organization decided to use the innovation model to design this learning program. The innovation model is used to study changes in an organization and determine whether new learning goals should be incorporated into a curriculum to manage that change (Smith & Ragan, 2005). Understanding what changes are occurring or have occurred within MCG will help determine the learning goals needed to manage that change.    

What was discovered at MCG?

After the learning designers at the Leader Coach organization

interviewed and collected data from MCG, they discovered...


  • The partners (owners) of MCG are advocates of coaching and believe it is an integral competency that will be developed among their employees as well as a service to clients.

  • Employees have reported that when they use coaching-type language to guide discussions, they see the mindset shift it creates in clients.

  • Employees lack knowledge of basic coaching concepts and coaching techniques.



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