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The Coaching Program for High-Potential Leaders


Key Points

  • Pioneered the Leader Coach Program for Mesaa Consulting Group, providing leaders with simple, yet effective coaching techniques to transform the way they lead

  • Utilized the innovation model for curriculum design based on a needs assessment, highlighting a gap in formal coaching training among leaders

  • The online and in-person program provide opportunities for learners to learn coaching concepts, role-play various scenarios, and engage in reflection exercises




I pioneered and designed the Leader Coach Program. This program is tailored to individuals who have been identified as high-potentials in their workplace and who would benefit from learning coaching skills to transform the way they lead. 


I worked closely with professional (ICF certified) coaches to transform interviews, books and academic articles, casual conversations / stories, and formal coaching sessions into seamless learning experiences. The Leader Coach Program consists of a self-paced course, designed in Articulate 360, and an on-site workshop that includes guides, activities, and assessments.


Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe XD, Talent LMS


  • ICF Certified Coaches (internal)

  • Management Consultants (external)

  • Owner and Partner of MCG

End-Users / Learners

Recognized high-potential leaders within Mesaa Consulting Group (MCG).



Mesaa Consulting Group (MCG) is a global business consulting organization facing challenges with informal and ineffective coaching practices among its leaders. The absence of formal training in coaching techniques was identified as a gap affecting both employee development and client engagement success.

DALL·E 2024-03-08 17.33.19 - An open, modern, floor-to-ceiling office space is filled with


A needs assessment was conducted through multiple interviews with the Owner and Senior Management Consultants and team dynamic observations. We (the coaches and I) discovered that leaders at MCG possessed an understanding of coaching but lacked a structured way to learn effective coaching techniques. This gap resulted in haphazard coaching practices that failed to produce desired outcomes for employees and clients, impacting the overall effectiveness of leadership within the organization.


- Certified Coach

MCG leaders are coaching, but the practice is fragmented; they lack formal coaching techniques to realize desired results.



The Leader Coach Program was developed using the innovation model (Smith and Ragan 45–46), focusing on creating a structured curriculum that includes understanding coaching principles, applying coaching techniques, and fostering a supportive learning environment. The program aimed to equip leaders with practical coaching skills, encouraging reflective thought, collaboration, and hands-on practice, all within a learning environment designed to address the unique needs and characteristics of the learners.


I designed and developed a self-paced course using Articulate Storyline 360 and an immersive one-day on-site workshop. Learners were expected to take approximately 2 hours to complete the self-paced course (10 modules, 10-15 minutes each). The design of the workshop included creating instructor and participant guides, activities for groups of 3-6 people, reference documents, performance assessment rubrics, pre- and post- program surveys to evaluate effectiveness of learning, instructors, and program design. With the help of the coaches, I designed a 60-question, 1-hour final exam taken at the end of the workshop. The pre-assessment and final exam were compared to measure changes in learners' level of knowledge and self-efficacy.

Implementation Options 

We implemented option #1 and #2 below with different learning groups and clients. There is a desire to implement option #3, but we didn't get around to doing it. In our experience, clients preferred face-to-face interaction. 

Team of Industrial Engineers

On-site Workshop

Option #1: Deliver the whole program in the instructor-led workshop



+ Hire an instructor for a day

+ Instructor offers timely feedback

+ Immersion may foster focus and productivity

- Difficult to cover entire curriculum in a day


We observed, while the learners found the instructor to be helpful, the workshop itself was very fast paced. There wasn't much time to ask question towards the end of the course and the activities felt rushed. To cover all topics, we may need to shorten the curriculum or increase the workshop hours into a 2-day workshop.

Reference: Smith, Patricia L, and Tillman J Ragan. Instructional Design. 3rd ed., Hoboken, N.J., J. Wiley & Sons, Cop, 2005, pp. 45–46.


Below are samples of the Leader Coach Program: the self-paced course and reference tools.

Course: Module: Foundations of Coaching

Self-paced course developed on Articulate Storyline

Reference tools

Leader Coaches access these tools on their mobile devices and use them while practicing coaching and in coaching conversations with their coachee.

TIME questions

TIME example

DALL·E 2024-03-08 17.44.26 - In this slightly zoomed-out view of a modern, airy office spa

The program resulted in leaders who are more equipped with effective coaching techniques, leading to improved leadership practices within MCG. Participants reported increased confidence in using coaching language and techniques, leading to noticeable shifts in client and employee mindsets. The immersive and collaborative nature of the learning experience fostered meaningful engagement among leaders, enhancing their ability to lead and coach effectively in the workplace.

Other Selected Works

Customer Service Representatives practice communication techniques in role-playing scenarios, saving $1000s of dollars per day

in operating costs.

Students gain access to tutors and collaboration tools through this on-demand tutoring platform when instructors are not available.

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